Ways On How To Prepare For Valuation

Property that’s sold in the same area in the last three months so that’s out of the three you’ve got opinions for you know say million and million which is which is um I don’t know why we’re a thousand by the way it should betel’s factor mil okay and then what happens is you request evaluation you go back to your private banker or premium banker and say I want to get evaluation the property can you give me the name of the actual value I and the company and you’ll give you the name of the value it could be ABC valuations and his name is Bill you ring up bills they built I want to value my property memorabilia.

only do private valuation but i want the format of the violation to be a pro forma short form valuation which is exactly the form of the banks use for mortgage purpose snow bill will charge you four hundred fifty bucks five hundred fifty bucks for evaluation where banks and you pay them bucks you meet bill on site and so bill these are the most important things you can say to a value up I’m a long term buy and hold investor I’m not playing to sell this property I’m simply getting evaluation so I can get a line of credit against the property to buy more investment properties now why is it important.


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